How to Keep Your Office Upholstery Looking Good

Among the places that many businesses need to clean more often are floors, restrooms, desks, and surfaces. They clean these areas daily. 

However, they overlook the upholstery, an important feature in an office that needs daily cleaning. Many people only clean their upholstery when they become noticeably dirty. 

Failing to clean your upholstery can cause health problems for you and your team. You will also have to replace your furniture more often if you fail to clean them daily. Upholstery cleaning helps increase your furniture’s lifespan. 

You’ll remove things that cause damage, such as dust, allergens, and all kinds of debris. Follow these tips to keep your office upholstery looking good. 

Clean Your Upholstery Regularly

Cleaning your upholstery prevents the build-up of unwanted materials. Sometimes, the dirt might not be visible, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. 

Things like dust, germs, stains, allergens, bacteria, and dander are hiding in your upholstery. Make sure you vacuum weekly or hire a commercial cleaning service to take care of that aspect while you focus on other things that matter.

Remove Stains and Spills Immediately

Clean the stains and spills before they deepen into fabrics. Use clean paper or cloth to remove stains and spills as soon as they occur. Make sure you follow the special care instructions to clean up the affected furniture. 

Don’t scrub or rub the stains as it will worsen the already existing situation and leave a permanent stain on your upholstery. 

Avoid using colored towels or sponges. Keep off the bleach, oil substances, or any other powerful detergents from your upholstery.

Rotate the Cushions Frequently

Turning your cushions more often can extend the lifespan of your upholstery. By rotating the cushions, you use every part of the seat. 

Make sure you fluff them regularly after any professional cleaning to maintain their shape. Ensuring even distribution of wear and tear will protect your cushions from indentations. 

Flipping and rotating your cushions more often helps to prevent sagging and keeps cushions in perfect shape.

Get Rid of the Odors

If you find that your upholstery smells, don’t assume the odor. Look for a way you can remove such musty odors. 

It is advisable to hire an experienced professional cleaner to remove such unwanted smells from your sofa. 

You can call in a technician to use their ultraviolet torch to see any urine marks if there are animal odors. You can also air your cushions outside and deep clean them to remove all pet hair and crumbs.

Protect Your Sofa

Use upholstery protectant to prevent spills from penetrating deep into the fibers and becoming stains. 

The protective product works as an invisible sheet that won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your furniture. This makes it easier to keep upholstered furniture clean and in good condition. 

You can also protect your furniture by covering it using a sofa cover or slipcover. You can change or wash slipcovers as much as you want. 

Another good thing about upholstery covers is that you can …

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