5 Practical Reasons Why People Love Visiting Museums

The admission fees might be your excuse for not visiting museums but you’ve got to reconsider. Why? That visit might make you happier than the designer clothes you’ve been eyeing. Harris Interactive did research that proved people were happier when they spend money on experiences as opposed to material things. Leaf Van Boven, a Psychology Professor at CU-Boulder said, “Experiences are shown to create more happiness than material goods because they provide positive personal reinterpretations over time.” 

Museums may often be dismissed as boring and old buildings that aren’t worth visiting. Today we’ll look at the reasons why a visit to the museum isn’t a waste of money and dispel any museum notions you might have. We hope these five reasons will shed some light and make you at least rush to visit your local museum.

1.      Expands your horizons

A museum is that one place that will make you change your perspective about history through every piece of art you come across. You’re able to place yourself at the feet of the artist and explore what they were thinking. Take for instance a visit to the Moco Museum exhibition, you’ll see how artists capture their own impression of a scene opening a door to the artist’s soul. You not only observe but immerse yourself in the emotions and feel what they felt as you study the pieces. Art tells a story that makes us smarter expanding our horizons.

2.      Humanity lessons

Museums are the ideal places to learn about human history, different cultures, and countries. Looking at different art pieces and everyday objects you get an insight into how people thought in that time period. You learn their beliefs, morals, and culture. For example, look at Paul Gauguin’s work, a French post-impressionist living in South Pacific. His paintings will speak to you about the culture of Tahiti with no reference to a history book.

3.      Inspiration

Well, are you feeling stuck and you need a muse to refresh your thinking? If you’re creative, a museum is a good place to recharge and have your creative juices flowing again. You look at other artists’ work and get inspired to create something of your own. Whether you’re a graphic artist, architecture, musician, writer, and even an interior designer. Museums work like magic.

Also, if you want some peace of mind, museums have this serenity that makes them a wonderful place to decompress. You’ll also get some food for conversation during your next social gathering. We hope these reasons make you visit a museum and eventually be a museum enthusiast. We are even running a Moco Museum korting (Dutch for discount) just for you. Come meet like-minded individuals and support the arts. Give it a shot!