Armed Security Guards – Understanding the Pros and Cons

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Armed security guards create a deterrent by showing potential criminals they will not be taken lightly. This can help prevent trespassing, vandalism, theft and other crimes that might go unnoticed.

Armed security is also useful in reducing crime at hotels, apartment buildings, retail stores and other businesses where opportunistic crime occurs more often.


Armed security guards create a visible presence that effectively deters crime. They make criminals considering targeting your business, event, or property reconsider their decision. A well-dressed, professional guard with a visible weapon is more likely to be respected by criminals and deter them from carrying out their plans.

On the other hand, some people who visit your establishment or event may need help to be comforted by seeing armed security guards. For example, parents dropping off their children at daycare might feel less relieved to see a security guard at the door who may be armed.

In addition, unarmed guards cannot de-escalate a situation in the way that armed security guards can. Unarmed guards will best suit your needs if you are concerned about a criminal activity such as trespassing, vandalism, or solicitation that is more serious than simple theft. They can prevent these crimes and report suspicious activities to the police.


In many cases, simply seeing armed security guards will deter criminal activity. For example, if you own a retail store or an office building and hire armed security, would-be thieves will see you have highly trained guards who can quickly respond to threats with lethal force if necessary.

Armed security guards also make the public feel safe and secure, which can increase business for your company. For instance, parents dropping their children off at daycare will feel relieved that a security guard is present. Moreover, customers and clients often feel safe conducting large monetary transactions at stores or events where armed security guards can see them.

Armed security is also ideal for high-risk industries or locations like banks and jewelry stores, as their presence can deter crime by putting criminals on edge. In addition, if there is a security breach at one of these locations, an armed guard can quickly de-escalate the situation until local police arrive.


The sight of armed security guards is a clear deterrent for criminals. They will think twice about robbing or vandalizing your property, knowing that your security professionals could shoot them if they try to do anything wrong.

Armed and unarmed security in Detroit is necessary to make the public feel safe in settings that are high risk for crime, such as banks, credit unions, jewelry stores, and places where expensive tech equipment is sold. They are the best way to prevent theft and other crimes at your business.

However, some situations require something other than armed security guards. Unarmed guards can also act as a deterrent by giving off the appearance of a higher authority. They are typically more affordable than armed security guards and can carry non-lethal weapons like batons, sprays or tasers to help in case of an attack. Unarmed security guards also don’t spook customers and make them feel uncomfortable. This is important for customer retention in retail, restaurant or office spaces.


The decision to arm security personnel is critical for any business, event, or property. Armed guards offer a strong deterrent to prevent crimes and remove intruders who attempt violence or robbery.

However, not all threats require an armed response. Businesses that operate in low-risk areas may be better off with unarmed security. They will still be able to deter vandalism and other threats without upsetting customers or making them feel intimidated by the presence of security guards.

When a company decides to use unarmed security for a high-risk situation or location, it can be liable in the event of an incident that occurs and it is not adequately protected. This is called negligent security and can lead to legal repercussions. A business needs to understand their level of risk so they can determine whether or not armed security is right for them.