Top Website Design Trends and Standards for 2020

Every year, new trends invade us, and next year 2021 will not going to be less. We will show you some of the web design trends for 2020 and the coming year 2021 as well.

Goodbye To Standards. Hello, Modular Designs:

Web design in 2020 is developed under a very interesting scenario since, in the trend, certain visual randomness is sought.

An example could be the placement of information containers in a way that is different from traditional standards, such as the distribution of content on Pinterest or in the portfolio of my website. This type of action awakens the interest of users.

Full-Screen Video. Informative And Practical:

Having any video will be very attractive to the user and very important at an informative level. On the web, the full-screen video will take the lead over other elements within web design.

In terms of usability, the user will not have to move around the web page looking for the information that may interest him the most since he will view said information through video.

Handmade Fonts:

Another type of element that we like and that is very fashionable is handmade fonts or handmade fonts.

Although they are fonts linked to very specific sectors, they give an exclusive personality, being very positive to differentiate themselves thanks to their use.

Bright Color Palette:

This trend is not new, it has been so from 2013 onwards, and it is presumed that it will continue like this for many more years. We recommend Material Design to carry out this type of action.

The use of gradients in web page design is a great idea because it gives a lot of exclusivity and freshness. But we must be cautious because gradients are very complex elements that require an advanced level in graphic design as well as a great experience.

Cinemagraphs: An Excellent Replacement For Animated Gifs:

There are big differences between cinematography and regular gif animation. Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIF files that are played continuously and automatically each time they visit a web page.

Animated gifs are elements of web design that attract the user’s attention and encourage them to become familiar with the rest of the website.

Minimalism And Transparent Buttons:

It’s been a short time since web design, in general, has changed, and there were genuinely brilliant changes. Today minimalism is in style because, in this world of rush, a modern person’s pace is dynamic. They do not have adequate time to pay attention to distraction maneuvers that happen in web environments.

Therefore, according to the experts from Columbus Web Design Company, minimalist design combined with transparent buttons is relevant from a trend point of view and functional.


Google Chrome (the most used browser) has been serious since January 31, 2017, and wants each website to install the SSL protocol.

What Google says goes to mass, right? Every day more web pages use HTTPS, although we are still a long way from encrypted sites being a majority. That is why we will summarize why you should switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS, and we hope to convince you to do so and install the SSL certificate.

Some of the reasons why it is a good idea to use HTTPS on your website:

– Protect the privacy of your users

– It is a signal of organic positioning (SEO)

– Browsers mark your website with HTTP is NOT secure

– Protect your content and your brand

– Protects you from ads

– Improve your website analytics

To use HTTPS, do not hesitate to contact the best Web Design Columbus, Ohio.

Creative Use of Chatbots:

As technology evolves and upgrades, it is becoming easier to integrate automated and creative chatbots using open APIs. Chatbots are not only funky and interactive, but you can also program them to automatically adjust and provide a personalized user experience.

Chatbots are fast, always available, and can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s say that with a chatbot, you improve our customers’ engagement and attention span.

The most popular uses for chatbots are for sectors such as marketing and advertising, product integration, and customer service.


It is very important to understand that trend theory alone is not enough.

We understand that taking these trends into account will be very positive for all of us who are sensitized to web design in any type of project. The best web designs are designs that take these trends into account, implement them, and set themselves apart from their competitors.

If you want to design your website with these new trends, do not hesitate to contact us at Janszen Media. We are a leading and Top Web Design Company Columbus Ohio.