Types of Signs

How Well Do You Know Your Road Signs?

Have you ever noticed how many signs you pass as you’re driving down the road? There are signs telling you what speed to drive, signs telling you the names of the roads and signs telling you what businesses are around. If you stop to think about it, without signs, leaving the house would be pretty hectic.

So what are all these signs, and what is the point of having so many?

Road Signs

There are three categories of road signs to help you reach your destination safely: regulatory, warning and guide signs.

  • Regulatory signs tell you the laws you must follow. Examples of regulatory signs are speed limit signs, stop signs and no u-turn signs.
  • Warning signs are those that indicate possible hazards or changes in roadway conditions. These would be signs such as merging traffic and sharp left turn ahead.
  • Guide signs are your signs such as mile markers and exit signs that help lead you to your desired destination.

Street Signs

While such a seemingly simple addition to the road, can you imagine trying to get somewhere without having any street names? Giving someone directions would be extremely complicated and finding your way to a new location would be nearly impossible.

Storefront Signs

Finding a specific store or restaurant is made simple by the monument sign Portland OR that advertises the business. Some storefront signs may simply advertise the name of the business, while others may display details about the products or services offered. In a shopping plaza, it is often common for signs to display several business names all on a single sign to let you know each store available in that area.

Next time you are out, pay attention to all the signs you pass along your way; you’ll be surprised just how many you see!