Sustainable palm oil and its benefits

Palm oil is healthy! At least that’s what many health freaks claim. Because palm oil, and we are talking about the red variant, has lots of saturated fats in it. Various studies claim, that this is good for cardiovascular disease. When you go to a cardiologist in the hospital, you may be told that you should not eat fat, but this has long since become obsolete. Did you know that native people consumed a lot of those full-fat products, such as raw milk, or raw milk yogurt? Those types of food are, according to many, good for the brain and also for the eyes. So you can enjoy sustainable palm oil without feeling guilty (be sure to buy the red one), for example for frying. But sustainable palm oil can be used for many more purposes! And we will also explain why it is best to choose the sustainable variant.

Sustainable palm oil for your skin and hair

Red palm oil is also called extra virgin red palm oil. You really should buy the red one because the white one is a processed product. In addition to using red palm oil for frying, you can also use it to rub on your skin if it feels dry. But you can also use it for your hair! You can use it as a conditioner and moisturizer if your hair feels dry, it can stimulate hair growth. You can also apply the oil before going to sleep, as a night conditioner. By regularly massaging thinly haired or bald areas with the oil, hair growth is promoted; both men and women who have thinning hair can benefit a lot from this. As you can read, it is therefore a versatile product.

What does the word sustainable mean?

You have palm oil and sustainable palm oil. If you go for the sustainable variant, you can assume that no deforestation has taken place when obtaining the oil, for example. And also that there was no exploitation of communities or people. Sustainable palm oil means ensuring a positive impact for small farmers and women. If you want to buy this variant of palm oil, you can recognize this by a quality mark, namely the RSPO quality mark. Sustainable palm oil is therefore a good choice if you also want to take the origin into account and if you care about the forests. Buy this product online or in a good health food store and start enjoying the many health benefits of this wonderful product!